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My vasectomy pain story
11/5/2009, JP

ABSTRACT: 3 years ago to the day I had a vasectomy. (11/4/2006) My wife and I had surprise twins. I was actually excited to get a vasectomy, as I thought it would provide my wife a chance to get off the pill for good, and simply make our lives easier in general not having to worry about birth control, etc. Little did I know how badly this would all go. The vasectomy itself was not an issue for me. I was snipped and clipped with little fanfare. I was (unlike others) told by my uro that some men have some "issues" with pain for 6 months or so. He even noted he had one patient that had some pain going on one year now, but that was not the norm. I didnt think anything of it. I had no idea I would become one of the statistics.

SYMPTOMS: In the first year I had extreme pains. Searing pain across the groin, numbness in my left leg, lower back pains, scrotal pain and swelling and congestive epidiymitis was to blame. I waited about a week to get back in the saddle, and my first ejaculation had to feel like what childbirth feels like. It felt like there should have been fluid coming out, but there was nothing there, and shortly after I was black and blue and swollen like a grapefruit. I was told this would all go away. I was scared, but also not too worried because I figured I was just a slow healer. The black and blue went away, but the pain after ejaculation did not. I was "ok" with the moment of ejaculation, but the aftermath was felt for weeks with aches and pains all over. The congestive epididymitis made me feel like I had the flu at times. Waves of nausea were common. The first time this happened, I actually thought I had the flu, but in retrospect, it was my vasectomy that caused all my grief.

TREATMENTS/MEDICATIONS: Over the past 3 years I have been on numerous meds including advil therapy, antidepressants, anti inflammatories of all types and brands, antibiotics and sleeping pills. After 2 years I decided to stop all meds and tried going the natural route with various vitamins and herbs including Uva Ursi, Horsetail, and every other herb associated with prostate care. Nothing really worked. In fact, I think these herbs may have made things worse because I think they help the body generate sperm, which is exactly the opposite of what I needed to reduce my sperm count to reduce the epidiymus pressure. Just for the record, my uro did offer to have me checked out for reversal at about 5 months. This was before I met a few guys online that were able to guide me and I declined the option and decided to give it a few more months. Part of what held me back was the fact that I knew a reversal would have me down and out for many more months, and my wife and I had twins to raise. I was a mess, and was not a pleasant person to be around during these dark times. My wife was not overly understanding of my situation, which did not help. I often questioned myself and had my doubts that maybe I was just a mental case after this vasectomy, but now I know otherwise.

OUTCOME/CURRENT CONDITION: After 3 years, I am doing better, but still far from perfect. I do have pain free streaks of weeks, or even a month at a time. I have to be careful when to have sex. I would not dare have sex on the beginning of a vacation for fear of ruining the rest of the week...its always the last day or two before I would even attempt it. It has truly cramped my style, and i have not ruled out a reversal in the future. I have tried to relieve the pain with chiropractors and acupuncture. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. It is very much a roller coaster. Had I been told up front specifically about what could happen, I really dont know what I would have done, but at least I would have known. I feel a consent form should be provided to men stating exactly what outcomes are out there. This is not a great way to live.

Please consider your decision carefully!
Good luck to everyone with PVP.

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