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2/4/20142/4/2014 PVPS victim and my vasectomy reversal (by cm_legend)
1/19/20141/19/2014 Don't panic yet (by Nosaj99)
1/9/20141/9/2014 It will get better (by leftie)
11/26/201311/26/2013 The worst decision of my life (by elephant man)
11/7/201311/7/2013 SAD DAYS STILL HAVE HOPE (by MERT)
9/21/20139/21/2013 Another uninformed PVPS victim... The worst desicion of my life. (by Rabbit)
I would consider my vasectomy experiance to be the worst desicion of my life to date. What I am going through could truely be described as a living nightmare.
9/16/20139/16/2013 Vasctomy regret, December 2012 (congestive pain) to having a reversal 23/08/2013 (by Kammell)
Vasctomy December 2012
8/7/20138/7/2013 Make sure you search "Post-Vasectomy Complications" before you commit! (by madmom)
6/1/20136/1/2013 Pain for thought (by Partyof6)
4/29/20134/29/2013 Very bad mistake and the price I paid is called PVP (by PVP sufferer)
12/19/201212/19/2012 Divorce over vasectomy (by Eliee)
11/30/201211/30/2012 Painful Story (by Painfulstory)
11/11/201211/11/2012 4 days later (by jduv1)
11/11/201211/11/2012 Loss of sensation and deep orgasm post Vasectomy (by AJ)
7/13/20127/13/2012 Pain went away at 8 weeks. (by MikeB)
7/3/20127/3/2012 lost interest in my husband (by wife of the gelding)
6/19/20126/19/2012 Vasectomy blue (by Shaft)
6/19/20126/19/2012 Don't know if I would do it again! (by ordiver)
6/8/20126/8/2012 Pain subsided with time (by Kev)
2/2/20122/2/2012 Worried about the future (by mika2333)
1/24/20121/24/2012 My Balls Hurt and I can't _______ (by guitarcolossus)
1/4/20121/4/2012 So far (by JE)
12/28/201112/28/2011 I am after vasovasostomia better 21/3/2011 (by santi)
Despues de vasovasostomy ok ok ok After the vasovasostomia ok ok ok
11/2/201111/2/2011 A preventable mistake - "The number of men with long term complications is very small", Dr. S... said with a waive of his hand (by Bustopallus)
Had vasectomy 12/7 and started having bad pain 4/08.
8/15/20118/15/2011 what works best? (by eddo)
Thinking about it.
7/29/20117/29/2011 Supplements to help with post vasectomy issues (by Informant)
7/23/20117/23/2011 JOHN NITRO (by nitro)
6/2/20116/2/2011 It's just a practice. (by Butchered)
5/17/20115/17/2011 Worst decision of our lives!! (by Martin3132)
4/27/20114/27/2011 Un-freakin believable (johnny's story) (by johnny0410)
3/23/20113/23/2011 I'm Sure There Are Others. (by August)
3/16/20113/16/2011 There and back - Adam's story (by adam)
12/2/201012/2/2010 Not the end of the world - but no picnic either (by Michael)
11/15/201011/15/2010 I am now pain free! (by painfreenow)
11/13/201011/13/2010 snip pain (by dick)
11/8/201011/8/2010 Vasectomy Nightamare and Reversal Succes (by SeanEscobar)
10/24/201010/24/2010 A Fergus Vasectomy (by Dave)
Vasectomy is the biggest disappointment in my life. Trying to get it reversed is the second biggest.
7/13/20107/13/2010 PVPS - My Story (by wildcatjw)
PVPS - somewhat cured via a vasectomy reversal.
6/17/20106/17/2010 Vasectomy - the biggest mistake of my life. (by MillerTen)
I had a vasectomy in 1999 after the birth of our third child. Although the procedure went smoothly, I soon began to experience chronic pain and also reduced volume of ejaculate and reduced sensation during sex and orgasm. I had a vasectomy reversal in 2001 to reduce the pain.
6/14/20106/14/2010 Please heed this warning and don't make the worst mistake of your life! (by jwatts)
My ability to be an active, helpful, physical father was completely upbraided by chronic pain from what was supposed to be a "minor" procedure. After learning more, I can confirm it is certainly not minor and should never be attempted by anyone for any reason.
5/29/20105/29/2010 Treatment options for men with post-vasectomy reversal pain (by Sijo)
5/1/20105/1/2010 The biggest mistake and worst experience of my life. (by jpcsola)
My vasectomy left me with chronic testicular pain that was not resolved until I got a reversal 7 months later and a long post-reversal recovery period.
4/10/20104/10/2010 Painful post vasectomy (by Ray)
3/18/20103/18/2010 17 years later (by phd1147)
3/14/20103/14/2010 Vasectomy, the quality of life killer (by itgotweird)
My life was wonderful, and I didn't want anything to change. I had reached a point in my life where I thought everything was perfect, and I felt getting a vasectomy would only help to keep things the way they were. The doctor told me the procedure was simple, painless, effective, and with only a small chance of minor side effects. He was dead wrong on all accounts.
3/13/20103/13/2010 Vesectomy a real pain in the balls. (by Dumpybear)
After the birth of my second child in 1998 I decided to have a Vasectomy. The procedure itself was relatively pain free and I felt good after with no pain. That all changed about two weeks after, I started to get bad pain in the nuts. I went back to the DR and he said this was because of pressure and that it was very rear about 1 in 50 men suffered with this problem after the Vasectomy. O GREAT I THOUGHT I HAD BE TO THE 50th. The Dr said it should go away after time and for me to wear tight fitting undies. Well it has been nearly 12 years and I still have pain, mostly on the right side until about three days ago when I started getting on the left side but no pain on the right. Man I am sick of the pain. What do I do???
11/13/200911/13/2009 Vasectomy has destroyed my life. (by mike)
had vasectomy 2003 was not told of any side effects, doctor refused to stop despite putting me in severe pain during op and instructed his nurse to hold my legs down as I was lifting them in pain, dr then turned up sedation I was in agony after procedure for weeks doctor not interested in helping after one year of severe pain requested reversal , doctor who performed vasectomy refused,I then requested my medical notes doctor refused to supply them so this meant could not get a reversal anywhere else . five years after procedure and five years constant pain and side effects I involved the medical council to get my notes, when I got them the only thing on them that applied to me was my name. I had reveral done, soon as I awoke from theatre felt majorly better now 1 yr post reversal still have problems but I can mostly live with it . Insurance will not cover reversal so total cost of all is : $2000.00 vasectomy 3 lost jobs as could I not function and my career was destroyed and $10,000.00 for reversal plus the destruction of life as I always knew it prior to being mislead into having a vasectomy.
11/5/200911/5/2009 My vasectomy pain story (by JP)
3 years ago to the day I had a vasectomy. (11/4/2006) My wife and I had surprise twins. I was actually excited to get a vasectomy, as I thought it would provide my wife a chance to get off the pill for good, and simply make our lives easier in general not having to worry about birth control, etc. Little did I know how badly this would all go. The vasectomy itself was not an issue for me. I was snipped and clipped with little fanfare. I was (unlike others) told by my uro that some men have some "issues" with pain for 6 months or so. He even noted he had one patient that had some pain going on one year now, but that was not the norm. I didnt think anything of it. I had no idea I would become one of the statistics.
10/12/200910/12/2009 I didn't think I'd end up in the group with chronic pain. (by ten%)
I chose vasectomy after having four children (the last one unplanned) and to spare my wife another surgery (tubal ligation).

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